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In July, Xiamen Iport Group Finance Company opened officially, becoming the second finance corporation in Xiamen and domestic airport industry.
In December, with the opening of Nanjing Fliport Garden Hotel, Fliport Hotel Group entered another city in East China.
In March, Iport Group restructured Qingdao Fliport Catering Company with 90% shareholding, expanding the group’s food industry.
In July, Huangshan Taiping Lake Resort finished transition. In September, Fuzhou Fliport Haiying Bay Resort (the original Fuzhou Fliport Seaview Rresort) started construction. Fliport Group’s resort brand initially forms a "mountain ,lake and sea layout ".
Three complex projects owned by Panport Property: Longyan Jinghua Center, Hisilk Art Center and Strait Newland entered the stage of comprehensive investment attraction.
In September, Panport Technology successfully won the bid of Jiangsu Yancheng Nanyang Airport Terminal 2 reconstruction project light-current engineering, marking the entrance of small and medium-sized airports ElV overall solutions providers.
In October, Anport Express launched the "Anport Car-hailing" platform beta version, creating high-end car-hailing platform.
In January, Fliport Hotel Group member system was put into use. In May, integral online shopping began operation, laying a solid foundation of Iport Group’s unified member management system.
In July, Fliport Laundry won the title of "Top 100 Global Laundry Companies" issued by the The International Committee of Textile Care (CINET), harvesting international peers’ recognition.
In September, Tourism Media "Cross-Country Running" went abroad for the first time in Korean Jeollanamdo Qingshan Iisland, marking the overseas output of independent intellectual property rights.

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