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In January, Iport Group formally signed the with Fuzhou government and Provincial Investment Development Group. Fuzhou Airport will be jointly invested, constructed and operated by three parties, and Iport Group has a 50% stake.
In may, the new factory of Xiamen Fliport Catering company was officially put into operation. The annual output value of the new plant is over 72 million yuan, meeting the need of rapid development of core business.
In June, the runway Non-stop overhaul of Xiamen airport was successfully completed, which laid a foundation for the smooth holding of Xiamen BRICS Summit.
In July, the cultural landscape of the " East & West Melody " of Terminal 4 of Xiamen Airport was officially opened, which showed in all aspects about the historical features of the old xiamen and the west culture blending.
In July, Xiamen Airport Express Transportation Company officially acquired the national online car-hailing service ability cognizance and the taxi business license of network appointment, became the first passenger transportation enterprise with national online car-hailing platform qualification on national civil aviation field.
In July, Longyan Fliport Jinghua Hotel began trial operation, leading Longyan fashionable life to a new height.
In September, Iport Group successfully completed the Xiamen BRICS Summit security work. Xiamen airport has set a new record for special chartered flights guarantee since the opening of the airport. Xiamen Fliport Huixin Hotel (The Westin Xiamen) has become the only hotel in Xiamen to host two presidential delegations at the same time.
In September, the flagship store of Fliport Hotel Group, Xiamen Fliport Wutong Hotel began trial operation. In December, the monthly revenue has exceeded 10 million.
In September, the group's member platform, Iportclub, held an on-line trial run, built an industrial ecology of "symbiosis and co-prosperity", and promoted the brand value of the group and the member market competitiveness.

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