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PANPORT, as the brand name of the auxiliary section, means ‘the prosperous place’ implying that the auxiliary section has prosperous business and a promising future.

Panport Group which has business including port real estate development, intelligent technology, passenger transportation, floriculture, advertising, upscale property etc., provides strong support to the three major business sections of airports, hotels and logistics, meanwhile, all companies of which is devoted to being the leading position in segmented market of relative industry.

Fujian Panport Property Co., Ltd.
    Abide by the principal of ‘port focused real estate development and forging quality professional field’, is a diversified operating enterprise led by port land resource development and integrating commercial operation, substitute construction and property management

Xiamen Panport Property Service Co., Ltd.
    Owning national grade-B qualification is a top30 property service in Xiamen which mainly provides property service, stone protection and refurbishment, high altitude cleaning and carpet cleaning for giant public facilities, upscale office buildings and hotels.

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